What’s Different About G2 Marketing?

We’re experts in our fields. After serving in senior positions in Fortune 500 companies and leading ad agencies, we are doing what we love to do—solving problems for our clients. We spend our time developing answers, not managing staff and covering overhead expenses. As a virtual consulting firm, we bring together the combination of top talent you need when you need it.

We provide research and strategy. Our hands-on marketing experience gives us a clear advantage in identifying consumer truths and understanding their implications. We are better qualitative researchers because we are also brand and marketing strategists. And our marketing work is enhanced by conducting our own qualitative research.

We use best of breed techniques. While we use the same approaches employed by the most sophisticated marketing organizations in the world, we pare them down to their essentials and then scale the effort to your budget. The result—superior research and marketing strategies, nimble execution, more value.