Advertising & Communications

Why is most advertising ineffective? Because most advertising is created before a clearly defined strategy is developed. If the creative team is not given all the information it needs to create marketing materials, then it is hit or miss on getting advertising that scores.

The key to success is to first have a comprehensive creative brief. G2 Marketing's Creative Brief process includes a highly structured approach guaranteed to define the objectives, assignment, target audience, message, reasons to believe and brand character.

Choosing the right creative team is the second critical area in creating successful advertising. G2 Marketing works with two high caliber agencies, Object 9 and Pros from Dover. Both agencies share our passion for fresh, eye-catching creative at prices that don't break the bank.

G2 Marketing develops television and print strategies for consumer, business, and corporate advertising campaigns. Services include strategy development, advertising agency selection, media recommendations, and creative development. We also develop the full range of collateral materials.

We also offer Brand Strategy and marketing plan and strategy services.