Research Services

Focus Groups—Our toolbox of creative techniques is used to get below the surface. We know how to get people talking and get you the answers you need.

On-line Qualitative Research—Bulletin board capability specifically designed for qualitative research delivers flexible functionality. Highly effective for obtaining reactions to stimuli, reaching hard to recruit target audiences and longitudinal panels. Lasts a few days to several months. Combined with blogs, a very powerful tool. Vet multiple rounds of concepts— present concepts, get reactions, present revised concepts, get feedback—all in two days.

Video-conference Focus Groups —Inexpensive webcams bring geographically dispersed respondents together in a virtual focus group room. Gather 6 executives for a discussion or unite a college student with parents in a triad. New solution for reaching difficult targets. Terrific for client viewing.

Mini-Groups—Four respondents participate in a 60-90 minute facilitated session. Works well for getting reactions to concepts, hearing opinions from experts on a topic, and exploring a narrowly defined or controversial issue. Great way to explore advertising ideas.

In-depth Interviews—Individual interviews conducted in person or on the phone. Provide detailed information and personal accounts. Our executive interviewing capability is unsurpassed.

Meeting Facilitation—The facilitator focuses on designing the meeting process and managing group dynamics. Empowers working groups—strategic planning sessions, board meetings, and inter-departmental workshops—to be more successful. Ensures full participation of all parties. Actionable outcomes guaranteed.

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