“USAgencies Casualty Insurance Company hired G2 Marketing to assess the company and help develop a corporate brand and put equity in the name USAgencies. USAgencies is one of the leading automobile insurance carriers in Louisiana. USAgencies recently expanded into Illinois and has plans to move into several additional states. With fast and aggressive expansion plans, it is critical to deliver the right message and target the proper demographic on a consistent basis. After nine years of business, it was time to reassess the company.

G2 Marketing provided excellent service for USAgencies. G2 Marketing interviewed all departments, visited sales offices and learned the inner workings of the company. G2 Marketing then facilitated a telemarketing customer research survey that helped identify the level of customer satisfaction. G2 Marketing also facilitated six focus groups. There were two focus groups conducted in each market: Chicago, New Orleans and Birmingham. G2 Marketing provided an in-depth assessment of USAgencies, in addition to, a complete evaluation of the competition.

Because the results of the research study were on-target with our own previous observations, it helped to reconfirm and fine tune our strategies for all departments in order to move forward in the marketplace. G2 Marketing then facilitated and oversaw the creative concepts of a new advertising campaign. G2 Marketing’s branding and evaluation of a company are outstanding. Their insight into a company, their knowledge and expertise are extraordinary. Gretchen Gehrett’s listening skills and understanding of the product are phenomenal and her presentation skills are interesting, informative, captivating; in fact, one of the best that I have ever seen. I highly recommend G2 Marketing for a branding/marketing project.”

—Holly Andrews, Vice President of Marketing, USAgencies