“The Board of Directors for the National Network for Youth embarked on an aggressive, fast-tracked strategic planning process aimed at making the National Network for Youth a stronger, more powerful advocacy organization better able to represent its members and the youth they serve. To help accomplish this process the Board retained the services of Gretchen Gehrett to conduct a series of high-level focus groups to gather information on member's needs and opinions.

As the focus group moderator Ms. Gehrett was able to guide the individual groups so that members could clearly articulate their ideas, issues and concerns. At the conclusion of the focus group process she presented an insightful and comprehensive report to the Board, defining those specific areas that were most significant to our members as well as providing a clear course of action for defining future goals for our organization.

The focus group process as conducted by Ms Gehrett clearly proved to be a valuable resource for the Board as it defined strategic goals for the National Network for Youth.”

—Lee Todorovich, Chairman, National Network for Youth