Case Studies

Mid-Size Company Recovers Losses, Gets Back on Rapid Growth Track

The Challenge: The economic downturn hit this medium-sized business hard, causing revenue losses of 30 percent. The organization not only desired to return to its previous revenue level, but also to grow by an additional 30 percent in three years.

The Solution: Working in collaboration with the client, G2 Marketing developed a marketing plan that included an assessment of the target audience and its motivation for using the service and the process flow of new customer registration. Through that analysis, it became clear that the largest segment of the target audience was under-represented in the current client base. The company added new services to address that segmentís needsóservices designed to increase the average lifetime revenue per client by two and a half times.

To ensure that clients were buying the right services and the full array of services, a counselor was added to guide each customerís registration process. By keeping a dialogue going throughout the customer lifecycle, the counselor ensures that the client receives the right services at the right time. The company also employed cost-effective marketing strategies, principally using PR and direct mail to reach influencers in the market and the customer file.

The Result: Our strategy revitalized the staff and made headlines. Revenues are growing again.