Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy
We understand how to uncover the needs in the market; to determine the essence of the brand; and to craft these into "the big idea". We know how to listen, to challenge the status quo, and to quickly connect discoveries to form strategies that produce results.

We have a track record in assisting organizations to launch new brands, revitalize sagging brands and introduce brands to new market segments. We have developed a proprietary marketing planning process that quickly maps a plan of action for clients. And, we infuse the results driven discipline of direct marketing throughout our work, assisting clients to rapidly improve revenue and profitability.

Using a process specifically developed for rapidly growing businesses, G2 Marketing works as a partner with clients to uncover the heart and soul of an organization and give it voice. The brand strategy process starts with a comprehensive review of the category, the competition, the customer, and the client. Quantitative customer research and qualitative research are conducted when appropriate.

A Branding Summit is convened where G2 and our clients roll-up our sleeves, and together chart a course for the brand. The resulting brand positioning recommendations provide a springboard for robust internal brand development and highly effective external communications.

We also offer marketing plan and strategy + advertising services.