Case Studies

Retailer Understands Key Customer Drivers of Satisfaction

The Challenge: This retailer was number 3 in market share in its category. To pull away from the pack, it needed to offer a different customer experience. First order of business was to understand usersí feelings about the category and the relationship of the customer to their retailer of choice. Then we needed to explore unmet needs to uncover areas of potential for changing the customer experience.

The Solution: In a series of focus groups, we used iconography and successfully tapped into a deep well of emotions about their lives and the role this retail category plays. Each part of being a customer was explored in depth resulting in a comprehensive map of the customer experience.

The Result: We learned that customers were grateful for this category of retailing providing them with the things they needed to make their lives more comfortable and enjoyable. But they felt trapped by the high prices and steep payments that didnít accrue to improving their credit ratings. As a result, the client is working to find ways to provide customers in good standing with the means of acquiring credit.

And we learned where our client out-shone the competition and where they had room for improvement. The client is formulating a strategy for dramatically changing the customer experience by building a brand based on its strengths and that carries the brand through each and every encounter with the customer.