Case Studies

Residential Developer Learns How to Dimensionalize Quality

The Challenge: This residential developer wanted to position its brand around quality, and yet knew that simply using the words ìquality home buildingî was not believable in todayís market. We needed to dimensionalize quality with the two audiences that mattered, real estate agents and home buyers.

The Solution: In focus groups with new home buyers, and subsequently with realtors, we used a projective technique, taking the realtors and their clients on a tour of 3 imaginary homes of different levels of quality.

The Result: We learned not only what home buyers see when viewing a prospective home, but how a realtor experiences a new property, and what they point out to their clients.

We learned of the importance of the front door, of how it feels, of how the lock works, and how the door swings open. We learned that the impression of the home is nearly fully formed by the time the door has swung open. We heard what parts of the home the realtors evaluate for the quality of construction and the quality of the finishes.

Armed with these new insights, the developer revamped its design center and approach to home buyers and realtors. The developer created new brand message with a unique approach to describing quality.