Qualitative Research Overview

We use our extensive senior-level corporate marketing experience in building brands, creating advertising campaigns, developing products, and growing profits to conduct research that gives you the answers you need.

We are expert moderators. A brand expert is the moderator and instinctively knows where to delve to uncover the nuances that make the difference between a good brand and a great brand.Research

We are meticulous in research design.
One senior person handles every aspect of the project—from creating screeners to managing facilities to drafting discussion guides to interpreting the data. Nothing falls through the cracks.

We use innovative techniques. Discovering the soul of a brand requires a well stocked tool box. We continually invent new ways to do the job better.

We go beyond research findings to potential strategies.
Our strategic marketing expertise is the fulcrum for extracting key insights. Our client-side experience gives us a deep understanding of the challenges and the possibilities.

We are specialists in the services sector. And have extensive experience with:

Financial services
Researching all aspects of advertising, concept testing, ad strategy, copy

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