“Ms. Gehretti's extensive marketing experience helped develop the research that provided the answers we needed related to the appeal of our product concept including the packaging, the pricing and how to communicate it. She coordinated the recruitment of participants, and created a well-designed discussion guide so the focus group participants were able to understand our concept.

Her facilitation skills are superb, participants freely expressed their thoughts and feelings uncovering critical information needed for developing and launching our new service. Ms. Gehrett interpreted the marketing analysis in a way that allowed us to translate the findings into meaningful business actions.

After experiencing issues with our original service packaging, Ms. Gehrett anticipated what was needed to appeal to the consumer. She advised us to adjust the packaging and pricing of the service for a final focus group where we found a combination the target consumer embraced.

We are very pleased with the services and results delivered by Ms. Gehrett. Her facilitation skills are phenomenal which made a huge difference for us in gaining the information needed to make key business decisions.”

—Carlyn Guarnieri, Chief Executive Officer, Carlyn and Company