Ken Hackney

Ken Hackney is a professional qualitative research consultant / focus group moderator and has been a certified member of the Qualitative Research Consultant Association (QRCA) since 2000. After several years as a traditional qualitative research specialist, Ken moved to the field of online research as Corporate Account Executive and In-house Moderator for Interactive Tracking Systems, Inc. (Itracks). During his time at Itracks, Ken moderated or provided moderator support for over 50 online qualitative projects.

Ken Hackney now works as an independent research consultant providing both traditional and online qualitative research services to clients from across North America and the UK. Ken has conducted studies in a wide variety of sectors including automotive, packaged goods, retail, publishing, broadcast media and financial services. Ken has also provided research and consultation on several well known brands including Trident Gum, Campbell Soup, Pennzoil / Quaker State, BMG Music, Gillette and Dunkin’ Donuts.